Hey Sir….

I wasn’t sure what to refer to you as.
I mean, the way you had us lookin, I could say, “ass”.

I got the text, and I was unimpressed.
I overlooked the fact, that you didn’t call, but sent a text.
I couldn’t for the life of me, understand, why you were pressed. Continue reading


Generation X

I hadn’t noticed your impact until about nine or ten.
I watched you scare a zebra out his skin.
The hate you had for him, I had for you, but it grew within.
By the age of 13, I was slicin’ and dicin’, I wanted life to end. Continue reading

Full Price


I heard Bishop say it, I heard Meek say it.

I was reminded;

my aunt said it.

Not everyone gets a slice.

Grace, and greatness, they both have a price.
The greater the agony, the bigger the slice.

Everyday of my life, I’m paying that price.

Every tear, the confusion, these sleepless nights.
But it’s all for a purpose, we’re paying a price.

Trust and believe, the agony, and stress, will tenfold.
We been bold, we been strong,
There’s struggle on this path— and It ain’t wrong.

It’s gone hurt, and you gone ask why.
You gone keep asking, and get no reply.

That’s the price of grace and greatness,
When it all falls apart, it comes together.
Sunny days, after stormy weather.



I gave it all I had, now they callin me egocentric.
I said what I said, and I meant it.
The truth hit em so hard, they got distant.

As they screamed all summer, I took the year.
I took the shit I was given and made it smear.
The shit they smell is self esteem!

they see it as fear.

I lost friends I never thought I’d lose.
Fought for friendships, too scared to lose.
I fell in love, they made me choose.
I was left shattered and confused.

I thought being loyal was a rule.

I got trust issues, I won’t front.
My own granny pulled a stunt.
15 minutes of fame, I addressed it during my lunch.

Heartache, was too much to bear, so I confronted myself.

I redefined, the meaning of success and wealth.
Through my journey of healing, I abandoned being right.  I started revealing-

I got to the root.

They don’t hate me, they hate my greatness.
The hate for themselves, won’t allow them to embrace it.
They can’t love me, they got too many faces.
When they get it, they’ll get it, and I’ll excuse their lateness.

The idea isn’t to hold a grudge.
The idea, is to trust myself, and never budge.




I’m being condemned by people sleepin on couches.
I’m being judged, by people wit crackhead spouses.

I’m catchin too many stones, from glass houses.

Trials and tribulations birthed my depression.
I lost my hope, I grew desperate.
For whatever reason, too scared, to address it.
I thought death could express it. Continue reading